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立普生投資研討(Lipson Seminar)

  投資講座  : 3 小時

  師資 : 陳建源 ( Lipson ) [台北大學企業管理研究所]

. 投資 研討 ( Seminar )( 3 Hrs ) :  投資觀念(Investment Concepts)、投資方法(Investment Methods)。

                                                        ( 上課人數不居,上課地點由學員自行選定 ) [免費課程]

. 講座大綱 ( Outlines ):60 個投資基本觀念

Concept_01: Expertise 專業的重要性

Concept_02: Expert vs. Winner 專家與贏家

Concept_03: Intrinsic Value 內在價值

Concept_04: Value 價值是檢驗投資的唯一真理

Concept_05: Value Investment 價值投資

Concept_06: What you Pay vs. What you Get 所付出與所得到

Concept_07: Time 時間才是累積財富的關鍵

Concept_08 : Time vs. Timing 時間與時機

Concept_09 : Saving vs. Investing 儲蓄與投資

Concept_10: Boss Attitudes 老闆心態

Concept_11: Market Orientation vs. Business Orientation 以事業為導向

Concept_12: Portfolio vs. Knitting 投資組合就像是個事業

Concept_13: Holding Company 握股公司

Concept_14: Mr. Market 市場先生

Concept_15: Price vs. Value 價格與價值

Concept_16: Trading vs. Investing 交易與投資

Concept_17: Facts vs. Forecasting 事實與預測

Concept_18: Preparing rather than Waiting 充份準備好要投資了嗎?

Concept_19: Institutional Imperative 體制性阻力

Concept_20: Lemming Like 旅鼠行為

Concept_21: Margin of Safety 安全邊際

Concept_22: Good Stock Good Price 以好價錢買進優良企業

Concept_23: Join the market vs. Beat the market 打敗大盤?

Concept_24: Speculator vs. Investor 投機客與投資者

Concept_25: Buyout Thinking 買下整間公司

Concept_26: Good Company 優良企業

Concept_27: Focus Investment 核心投資

Concept_28: Home Circle 能力範圍內投資

Concept_29: Double-barreled Approach 部份股權策略

Concept_30: Growth within Value 成長就是最重要的價值

Concept_31: Grow Investment 成長投資

Concept_32: Relational Investment 關係投資

Concept_33: Franchise Enterprise 擁有特許權的企業

Concept_34: ROE 股東權益報酬率

Concept_35: Owner Earning 業主盈餘

Concept_36: Look Through Earning 完整盈餘

Concept_37: Owner-related Business Principle 投資企業原則

Concept_38: Cash Cower 現金王

Concept_39: Float(s) 浮存金

Concept_40: Capital Allocation 資本配置

Concept_41 : Investment on Liabilities 不喜歡借貸投資

Concept_42: Source Management 資金來源決定勝負

Concept_43: Cost Downing 降低持有成本

Concept_44: Business Valuation 企業評價

Concept_45: Rating System 評價系統

Concept_46: Investment Management 投資管理

Concept_47: Risk Management 風險管理

Concept_48: Benchmark Investment 基準投資

Concept_49: Zero Cost Investing 零成本投資

Concept_50: Share Policy 股利政策

Concept_51: Core Holding 核心持股

Concept_52: Payback period 回收管理

Concept_53: Buy and Hold Policy買進持有政策

Concept_54: Long Term Investment 永續投資

Concept_55: Execution 知道不一定做到

Concept_56: Good Money 良幣法則

Concept_57: Governance vs. Management 治理與管理

Concept_58: Business Intelligence 商智

Concept_59: Rich with Goodness 為富最樂

Concept_60: Ethic Investment 道德投資